What Makes A Merchant "Canadian Friendly"?

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At, we use the term Canadian Friendly a lot on our site and some of our readers have asked us to explain exactly what this means. First of all, this term only applies to merchants that are located outside of Canada (hopefully Canadian merchants will be friendly to Canadians). Our list of criteria should be your list too when ever you go online to shop.

There are many different indicators that tell us if a merchant really understands what Canadians go through shopping online. We see so many examples everyday of American merchant websites just assuming that Canadians can click and ship as easily as a customer shopping from the USA. So, we carefully vet all of our merchants and look at their website to determine if they are Canadian Friendly enough to be listed on

Here are the things that we look for in a Canadian friendly merchant:

1) Are they located outside of Canada? (We list Canadian websites too)

2) Do they have a .CA domain name? (There are some American run web sites on the .CA domain)

3) Do they provide prices in Canadian dollars?

4) Do they ship to Canada? Many American merchants still do not ship to Canada!

5) Do they have a Canadian shipping page on their site that explains exactly how they ship and what the fees will be?

6) Do they calculate all shipping fees in the shopping cart or do they tell you that you are responsible for all duties and brokerage fees (this is a red flag that there could be problems).

7) Do they extend free shipping deals/offers to Canadians?

8) How do they ship? (The United States Postal Service is still the cheapest but not the easiest - for the merchant - way to ship to Canada)

9) Do they pay for the extra shipping fees? Some really Canadian friendly merchants actually pay the duties and brokerage for us!

10) Do they accept Canadian credit cards? Some US merchants still make Canadians pay using PayPal. You can still use your credit card with PayPal but it is still not friendly to lump us in with customers from countries that are known for fraud.

So, we look at all of these factors a if a merchant answers "yes" to most of these questions, we consider them Canadian Friendly and put them on our site. This is the benefit of our site - we do all of this leg work and research for you. Enjoy!


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