11 Reasons Why You Should Shop At Amazon Canada First:

If you haven't visited the site lately, you really should take a look because there have been some big changes that should make the first place you look when you go online to shop. They have re-written the book on how to be a Canadian-friendly online merchant and other merchants would be wise to pay close attention. You owe it to yourself to see for yourself what a great job they have done!

1) is a dedicated Canadian-only Website

Amazon could have tacked a few Canadian pages onto their main .com website but instead they created a completely unique Canadian website. Nothing says "we are serious about servicing Canadians" like a dedicated site on the .ca domain. All order fulfillment (shipping) is done from inside of Canada so there are none of the usual worries associated with online shopping from the USA.

2) Amazon Canada has a huge inventory

Amazon Canada sells way more than just books now! They now offer a product range that spans twenty different merchandise categories. Plus, the Canadian inventory is growing everyday as both Amazon and partners in Marketplace add more products. As part of the family, the product range is sure to continue to grow.

3) Low prices (and in Canadian dollars)

Amazon is a huge company and they enjoy large sales volumes, large volume discounting and low overhead so they can pass these savings along to Canadians. Shopping in Canadian dollars only makes sense.

4) Free Shipping

(really, it's free and fast) no duties or brokerage fees! Many of the products on the website qualify for "Super Saver Shipping". This means FREE shipping on Orders $25 and Over. Of course, some restrictions apply but they are generally related to larger items.

To qualify, your order must:
a) Be over $25
b) Be shipped to a single Canadian address
c) Select "Group items into as few shipments as possible"

Your order may take an additional 3 to 5 business days to ship. It generally takes between 2 to 6 business days to ship depending where you live.
* ships using: DHL, Canada Post & UPS

If you do a lot of online shopping and shipping then you may want to check-out Amazon Prime. This is a membership program that gives you fast and FREE two-day shipping and other fast shipping benefits (on eligible purchases) for one annual fee of $79.00.

5) Merchant Shops ( Marketplace) is really many stores in one website. First of all, there are the main store and products but there is another layer called the Marketplace. This is a network of Canadian merchants who sell their wares through the website. You'll see these merchant products and pricing alongside the regular products. These merchants maintain an inventory at Amazon's warehouses but handles the shipping to you.

6) Price Comparison

One great off-shoot of the Amazon Marketplace is the ability to compare prices between several different merchants all within the one product page - what could be easier?

7) Customer Reviews

Not all customer review areas are created equally and Amazon has outdone the competition with theirs. It's like a mini community of people telling it like it is about everything and anything. Plus, you can track each review back the source and see all of any one person's reviews so that you get a better idea of whether or not to trust their opinion.

8) Very Informative Product Descriptions

Some Amazon product descriptions border on being mini product guides they are so full of information. Amazon seems to want to make sure that the customer is as well informed as possible before they click the "Add to cart" button.

9) Intuitive website

Much like the original .com website, the website is outfitted with many engaging automatic features that make shopping there a pleasure. The shopping cart is fast and easy to navigate and will even suggest items that you may have missed. Features like the site keeping track of the last few items that you've viewed just make shopping so much easier.

10) Easy Returns

The Amazon Returns Centre (note the Canadian spelling - does) makes returning your unwanted purchases as easy as 1-2-3 (and 4). You simply: 1) Print-off a return label and the return authorization, 2) Pack-up your box (with the authorization inside), 3) attach the shipping label, 4) Ship the box! If you are past the return date, will still allow you to re-sell certain items on the Amazon website.

11) Deals & promotional items

When you thought that couldn't get any cheaper, they rolled-out the "Deals Store". This is where Marketplace Merchants can place their discounted items for all to see. also runs many seasonal saving promotions. Ads for them are plastered all over the sites so they are hard to miss.

For all the above reasons and many more, we think that is the best place to start your online shopping.

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