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Weight Watchers Latest Attempt to Win Back Customers and Why it Will Fail:
Well, it's December and the weight loss industry is lining up at the starting line of another weight loss season race to win over new (and old) customers. There are the usual faces in the pack, like Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig but this year there are dozens of fresh new faces on the starting blocks. In recent years, wearable fitness technology like FitBit, Jawbone and all that new smart watch technology have married with free (or next-to-free) online/smart phone applications to give the traditional weight loss old-timers a real run for their money.
One Feature That Netflix Should Have Introduced Years Ago Is Finally Here:
After nearly four years in the making, Netflix has finally rolled-out their new "My List" feature. This great new addition to the service gives the user the ability to create and manage a wish list of titles to be watched later. It works sort of like a wish list for movies.
What's Wrong With The Weight Watchers Canada Online Program?:
In recent years, Weight Watchers has risen to be recognized as one of the top weight loss programs in the world. With this level of success, why are there so many problems with the Canadian Weight Watchers online program that are not present in the American program?
Why Is The New Weight Watchers Canada 20% Off Coupon Not The Best Deal?:
Why is the new Weight Watchers Canada 20% off Coupon not the best deal? March 24th, 2012, Weight Watchers Canada removed the sign up free offer from their website and replaced it with a offer that gives you 20% off their online program if you sign up for three months.
What Makes A Merchant "Canadian Friendly"?:
At, we use the term Canadian Friendly a lot on our site and some of our readers have asked us to explain exactly what this means. First of all, this term only applies to merchants that are located outside of Canada (hopefully Canadian merchants will be friendly to Canadians).

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