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A New Kind of Gift Card Fraud from Best Buy:
I am notoriously hard to buy for but my wife knows that I always have a use for gift cards - especially Best Buy gift cards. So this year was not different, she picked up a gift card at our local grocery store and thought no more about it. That is until I tried to remove the card from the packaging only to find that there was no card inside! She was able to activate the card at the store, all the while unknowing that there was no gift card to redeem. Unfortunately, we were victims of Gift Card Fraud.
A Story About Incredible Customer Service At Logitech:
There is a saying in the retail world: Fast, Cheap, Good; Choose two. This is a quick way of saying that you can't have products that are good, fast and cheap. You can only have two out of the three. Well, a recent experience with Logitech service has made me wonder if this old adage is wrong.

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