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Workopolis is Canada's undisputed #1 online employment site.

Workopolis is actually a network of many industry and niche specific job sites. With just a few clicks, you can post your job throughout the Workopolis Network. The Workopolis Network includes as well as the Workopolis NicheNetwork (with over 100 industry publication and association job boards powered by Workopolis CorporateWorks).

The Workopolis website is packed with powerful features for small, medium and large businesses but it can be an overwhelming task to digest it all so we have distilled it all into these three pages.

About Workopolis
Workopolis receives a over 3.5 million monthly unique visitors and has a resume database with more than 2 million resumes.

FREE with every Workopolis job posting:

The Workopolis ScreeningRoom™ FREE
Zero in on the best candidates. Our FREE ScreeningRoom tools allow you to filter, track and manage your applicants online easily. The ScreeningRoom™ option is available for free when you purchase job postings. The Workopolis ScreeningRoom™ products save you time and narrow your candidate searches after posting a job.

Applicant Tracking FREE
View all applications at a glimpse. Set up auto email-responses, acknowledging all applicants. Receive CandidateAlert! emails which notify you when new resumes which suit your jobs come online.

Pre-screen Questionnaires FREE
Our Q & A Module narrows searches with pre-qualifying questions for candidates. Our tools make it easy to compose, attach and store questionnaires, allowing you to prescreen candidates.

Each Workopolis posting features

1) Up to 4 locations
2) Up to 3 career categories
3) Both English and French job descriptions
) Regional pricing available
5) FREE online screening tools
6) Find candidates in high population centres. Or choose from over 150 locations across Canada to post jobs in.

The Workopolis Resume Database

Perfect for recruiters! The power behind screening your candidates with Workopolis comes from the resume database. The Workopolis Resume Database contains nearly 2 million resumes and is growing with a new resume posted every minute.

Instantly power-search candidates by keywords, industry, location, skills, credentials - you choose. View any saved resumes as often as you like. Create multiple user accounts within your company so more than one person can access the database at once. For every search, set up and receive CandidateAlert!™ emails when candidates' resumes which suit your criteria are entered online.