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  • Is based in Canada
  • Accepts Canadian Dollars
  • Ships from Canada
  • Ships by: Canada Post , FedEx

Our Rating: (5 of 5)

About Elite Jewels is a real Canadian online jewellery store! They are based in Mississauga, Ontario and all of the prices on the website are in Canadian dollars. EliteJewels is a manufacturer jeweler. This means that they are a manufacturer that has cut out the middleman and sells directly to the consumer. As you can imagine, the prices are excellent. (Retail prices are listed along side the much lower price that you pay just to prove it) Shipping is insured and it is fast and inexpensive. EliteJewels has some beautiful designs that must be seen. The website is a little "wordy" but the pictures say it all!

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Elite Jewels Deals, Coupons & Promo Codes

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