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  • Is based in the USA
  • Only accepts American Dollars
  • Ships from the USA
  • Ships by: United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Free Shipping? Sometimes

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About is an online jewellery store based in San Diego, CA. What makes Emitations different is that they specialize in high quality replica and costume jewellery. They sell many pieces that are exact duplicates of jewellery worn by royalty, celebrities and movie stars - and at great savings. You may not be able to afford the real thing but it's really fun to pretend (and keep your friends guessing). keeps up to date with all of the current celebrity trends and styles and designs and builds similar pieces made from less expensive materials. They also sell jewellery made from more expensive metals and stones. is a very Canadian friendly website. They ship from the US using the United States Postal service so the shipping fees and cross-border fees are low but they have a permanent FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA offer if you buy $75 or more. They also runs many coupon offers so yes, do check this page often.

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