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Canadian Duty Calculators and Why You Need One:
In Canada, any goods imported into the country are subject to a duty fee or tariff. This fee is set by the Department of Finance and it is collected by the Canadian Boarder Services Agency (CBSA). The amount charged depends on many things such as, what you paid for the item, shipping fees, insurance, where it was made as well as many complex international trade agreements that Canada has entered into with other countries. This often misunderstood fee is one of those hidden charges that can catch a Canadian online shopper off-guard when they see the added shipping expenses. Since it is so complex, you will need some help calculating the amount to pay.
What is Borderfree?:
Borderfree is what you call an ecommerce order fulfillment provider. Yes, that a big name and a lot of words but what they do lives up to the title. Borderfree works with American online merchants to extend their reach beyond the US border and serve customers in over 100 countries around the world (including Canada, of course). This may sound like a simple task but there are many complex pieces to the shopping puzzle.
What is FiftyOne?:
FiftyOne Global Ecommerce has recently purchased BorderFree from Canada Post. Never heard of either of them? Well, any Canadian who shops online should know who they are and how they can save you a bundle in cross-border shipping fees.

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