One Feature That Netflix Should Have Introduced Years Ago Is Finally Here

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After nearly four years in the making, Netflix has finally rolled-out their new "My List" feature. This great new addition to the service gives the user the ability to create and manage a wish list of titles to be watched later. It works sort of like a wish list for movies.

My List is a welcome relief for Netflix members. One of the most common complaints about the service is how difficult it can be to find titles. There are plenty of great movies in there but they are hard to get at. With only a rudimentary search tool to work with, many Netflix users often suffer from search fatigue. Many simply give up and come back later.

If this sounds familiar, you really should give them another try. Although it does not solve the problem of finding movies, as you come across something that you may feel like watching later, all you have to do is click on the +My List button and it gets added to your list. Once you have at least one title in your list, the "My List" item will appear in both your home menu as well as a bar located below the Continue Watching and Top 10 for you.

In order to roll-out this new feature, Netflix had to add a few other complimentary features first. About a week before the launch, users were prompted to create individual user profiles. This made sense once the My List feature launched as each profile has its own list. You can also specify if a profile is twelve years or younger. Any profile belonging to a child is directed to the "kids only" menu.

This simple feature will go along way in helping members get more enjoyment out of the service. Well done Netflix!

If you are not a Netflix member, they offer a one-month free trial so you can see for yourself. We have written more about them on our Netflix microsite.


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