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The Herman Miller Aeron Chair (this image represents the Fully Loaded Aeron Executive Chair)

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair

This is the world famous Aeron chair from Herman Miller. Undoubtably the most advanced ergonomic chair technology that you can buy today.

The Aeron chair combines distinctive looks with pioneering ergonomics. Aeron chairs perform like no other chair. The Aeron chair adapts naturally and will adjust precisely to fit people of all sizes and postures doing all kinds of activities - all day long. The imaginative design of the Aeron chair gives superior comfort, body support and style that are widely copied but never matched.

Why Buy an Aeron Chair?

Built to last. The Aeron Chair is manufactured using mostly recycled materials, the Aeron chair is designed to be long lasting. Parts that require the most frequent replacement are designed to be easily and inexpensively replaced and recycled. A truly clever and well thought-out design.

Healthful support. The strong Pellicle suspension system distributes weight evenly over the seat and back.

Form-fitting. The Pellicle conforms to each person's shape and minimizes pressure.

Aeration. Since air can pass through the Pellicle, the sitter stays cool and comfortable. The Aeron chair is available in three sizes - what other chair offers you this option?

Herman Miller Aeron Chair - Build Your Own Aeron Chair
Herman Millers Build your own Aeron Chair
Herman Miller Aeron Chair - Standard Aeron Chair
Herman Millers Standard
Aeron Chair
Herman Miller Aeron Chair - Executive Fully Loaded Aeron Chair
Herman Millers Fully Loaded Executive Aeron Chair
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Herman Miller Embody® Chair Build Your Own
Herman Miller Embody® Chair
Mirra Loaded Chair from Herman Miller
Mirra ® Loaded Chair
SAYL Mid-Back Work Chair from Herman Miller
Herman Miller ® SAYL™ Mid-Back Work Chair

          Sizing ChartHerman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chairs come in three sizes to suite your weight and activities.
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