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About Weight Watchers Online

Weight Watchers is America's trusted name in weight loss

Weight has always taught that dieting is only one part of long-term weight loss and weight management. A healthy body results from a healthy lifestyle - which means mental, emotional and physical health. And now, Weight Watchers is reaching others via the Web. Yes, you can now follow the Weight Watchers but without the meetings! It's completely online.

Weight Watchers USA online will provides you with information, knowledge, tools and motivation to help you make the nutrition and exercise decisions that are right for you. They will help you to make healthy eating choices, and encourage you to enjoy life more by becoming more active.

With Weight Watchers, you don't need to buy special pre-prepared food like you have to with Nutri System or Jenny Craig.

At Weight Watchers, weight loss success combines their knowledge with your efforts. Typically, people following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

No more yo-yo dieting! The Weight Watchers system is more than just a diet. It's more of a way of life. Weight Watchers gives you tolls and teaches you methods that you can use for the rest of your life. They will help you recognise your bad eating habits and then replace them with new good habits.

Weight Watchers offers two methods of learning their system: Weight Watchers Meetings and Weight Watchers Online.

Meetings provide a structured group forum where your group leader will guide you through the program and explain the most up to date weight loss tips and techniques. These leaders have been where you are now and speak from experience.

Weight Watchers online is an online weight loss plan customized for you. The online program gives you much more personal control and great online tools like calculators and food guides.

Only you can say which method is best for you. The important thing is to start so why not start today?

The History Of Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers started way back in the nineteen sixties when Jean Nidetch and her friends decided to get together once a week to discuss diet and nutrition. These women found the group support was very effective in helping them set and achieve their personal weight loss goals. Over the past five decades, that small group of like-minded women, meeting in each others homes in New Jersey, has grown into a loyal following of millions of women and men all over the world.

Present day, an estimated one million people, from Brazil to New Zealand, come together each week to help each meet their weight-loss goals at Weight Watchers Meetings.

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Weight Watchers Meetings

Weight Watchers was founded on the meeting approach to weight loss. Support from others just like you will improve your odds of losing weight and keeping it off. Find a Meeting start losing weight today - join Weight Watchers today and save over 30%!

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