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  • Bilingual Website
  • Is based in Canada
  • Accepts Canadian Dollars
  • Ships from Canada
  • Ships by: Canada Post

Our Rating: (5 of 5)

About Gap Canada

Gap Canada has been online for a few years now and we are happy to have them are part of the family of Canadian friendly merchants. Did you know that Canadians can now shop at the online stores for Gap Canada, Old Navy Canada, and Banana Republic Canada and place all of your items into a single shopping cart? Well. It's true!

Gap Canada is one of our most prolific sources of coupons. They run coupons offers every month. The only problem is that they usually provide us with the coupons and promotional codes on the day of, or a day before the coupon offer begins. Plus, most Gap Canada coupons only last a day or two so they can be easy to miss. (This is just another reason why you should visit regularly)

Gap Canada does offer regular free shipping (if you spend a minimum amount of money) so they are a perfect fit for anyone who wants to shop from home. Keep checking back here for Gap Canada coupons and promotional offers!

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