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  • Is based in the USA
  • Only accepts American Dollars
  • Ships from the USA
  • Ships by: United States Postal Service (USPS) , FedEx
  • Free Shipping? Sometimes

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Despite the name, CanadaLightingExperts is actually an American company (with a decidedly Canadian name). They are located in Sacramento, CA. They obviously ship to Canada - but only the southern provinces. (not quite all of Canada...) Before you go clicking away from this page, there is an up side. CanadaLightingExperts absorbs all taxes, duties and brokerage fees when they ship to Canada! Let me repeat, they pay the taxes too! And it gets better! There is no shipping fee for orders over $200. The one down side is that all prices are in US dollars but remember they pay the taxes!. So, this is one of the few cases where even though an American site may not pass the initial "sniff test", when you really dig, they are actually really great.

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