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Ringtones for Canadians. Funtonia makes it easy for you to put the latest tunes and wallpaper on your phone! Here's how you do it:

1. Choose Your Package has a range of great membership packages to suit every budget. Just pick your package and...

2. Register Sign up, enter your phone details and start downloading!

3. Download You can download directly from using WAP (your phone's browser).

You'll be able to see the last 10 downloads in each category, add to your bookmarks and download fast!

But if you don't have WAP, you're not out of the loop. You can still use SMS.

Choose the ringtone or wallpaper you want to download and click Send. We'll add your choice to your download page and send you an SMS with the Web address.

Use the option button on your phone to "go to" or "link to" the address in the text message and the ringtone will download automatically.

In case of your phone's Internet is disconnected you can use USB cable or Bluetooth for direct downloading from the PC.

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