TurboTax Canada Business Tax Software for the 2013 Tax Year

TurboTax Canada - formerly QuickTax

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TurboTax is Canada's favourite tax Business software because:

  • Wizard guides you through the process
  • Simple to use
  • No need for expensive accoutants
  • 100% Accurate & Compliant to all Canadian tax laws
  • Suitable for individuals or large companies

Incorporated business tax preparation software is much simpler in some ways when compared with software used to prepare personal income tax returns. Most businesses require the same basic suite of features and are very similar in logistical requirements no matter what the size of the company. There are no requirements to offer a varying number of returns or a different selection of software features - one size usually fits all. One software package can easily satisfy a wide variety of corporate applications. This explains is why TurboTax has only two versions of Business software.

TurboTax offers a core Incorporated Business edition that is designed to handle the broad range of T2 corporate tax returns. It comes in both English and French and, unlike the TurboTax personal edition, it is not available as an online product. The current version is suitable for all Canadian incorporated company whose tax year ends between November 1st, 2013 and Oct 31st, 2014. It is pricy but if you already have a bookkeeper, it will pay for itself in the long run.

The second "lighter" business offering is the TurboTax Home and Business edition. This software package combines all of the features of the Premiere personal edition (stocks and bonds, mutual funds, employee stock plans, rental property income and expenses) with the power of a light business software (sole proprietors, self-employed tax returns, consultants & contractors and unincorporated businesses). This package is extremely flexible and includes up to 12 separate tax returns.

Business Tax Preparation Software for the 2013 Tax Year


TurboTax Home & Business for the 2013 Tax Year
Includes 12 Returns

Own a small business? Work as a consultant or contractor? Running an unincorporated business as a sole proprietor? If so, then you're no stranger to hard work.

TurboTax Home & Business is designed to lessen your work load come tax time:
• Prepare and file personal & self-employment business taxes in one place
• Maximize deductions & eligible business expenses with step-by-step guidance
• Get the Maximum Refund Guarantee... and NETFILE to get your refund in about 8 days.
• NEW! Includes 12 returns
TurboTax Suite 2013 VALUE BUNDLE! Save nearly $70 by buying this suite.

Save $$$ with a TurboTax + Quicken Bundle TurboTax Suite for the 2013 Tax Year With Premier + Quicken 2013

With TurboTax Suite, you get 2 popular financial tools: Quicken Home & Business and TurboTax Premier (for your 2013 personal taxes). Manage your personal & home-business income year-round... and easily import that data at tax time.
• TurboTax Premier helps you discover tax savings on investments and rental propety income, in addition to your personal taxes
• Quicken Home & Business makes it easy to monitor/report on your cash flow - plus organize business transactions and find tax-deductible business expenses
• NEW! Now includes 12 returns Best of all, you'll save nearly $70, compared to buying them both separately!
TurboTax Business Incorporated: Do-It-Yourself Business Tax Software TurboTax Business Incorporated
Includes 1 T2 Return

You don't need to hire a professional to do your business taxes for you - not when TurboTax Business Incorporated guides you through your return step-by-step. Just answer easy, customized interview questions, and we'll fill in the right business tax forms for you. Plus, TurboTax Business Incorporated:
• Includes auditing tools to check your return for errors and provide instructions on how to correct them
• Does the calculations for you to eliminate any potential mathematical errors
• Imports data from QuickBooks, Simply and other accounting software
• Provides free technical support, 5 days a week1 An affordable solution for preparing your return, TurboTax Business Incorporated includes one T2 corporate tax return.

TurboTax Business Incorporated is not available for residents of Québec.